Rachel Zabaneh

Founder and CEO, Veritas Institute for Leadership and Innovation

At Veritas, we believe that young people are more than a test score.  As a Bay Area educational coach and mentor for the past 12 years, Rachel Zabaneh, founder and CEO of Veritas Institute, has seen the motivational power of connecting a student’s academic work with their future vocation or “calling.”

Through her professional and academic activities as a faculty member in the business departments at Skyline and Crown Colleges, doctoral research at Creighton University, and work as Founding Director of the Social Entrepreneurship Lab and Caritas Scholars Program at Alma Heights Christian Schools, Mrs. Zabaneh has developed innovative pedagogical techniques to help students learn by creating and leading innovative projects. At Veritas, we call this “education with a purpose.”

Our efforts have paid off with a 100% college admissions rate and although program participants are admitted to top institutions around the country, more importantly they have learned to design strategic responses to contemporary social issues, resulting in real impact.