Signature Programs

Veritas Scholars

Veritas Scholars Program and Social Entrepreneurship Lab™ (TBD): Directed study course and online option

Caritas Scholars

Caritas Scholars Program and Social Entrepreneurship Lab™ (open to High School students of Pacific Bay Christian School (formerly Alma Heights Christian Schools) Location: Pacific Bay Christian School

The Caritas Scholars Program and Social Entrepreneurship Lab has been recognized by the city of Daly City and the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce. Our HS curriculum has been certified by the University of California and offered for college credit through Crown College


Services & Workshops

Kiddovator Program Location: Alma Heights (launched 2014)

College Prep/Innovation Camp Location: TBD

Changemaker Workshops (MS) Location: Pacific Bay (formerly Alma Heights)

One-on-one College Consulting Location: TBD

College Prep/Innovation Workshops Locations: TBD

Curriculum, Strategic Planning and Program Design (our clients include schools, colleges and other organizations)

Kiddovation Camp (TBD)  Location: TBD

Veritas partners with schools and organizations – including faculty, parents and students to develop interdisciplinary opportunities for the entire community to grow in competencies that include compassionate leadership, mentorship, design thinking, spatial reasoning, innovative problem solving, collaboration and teamwork. Through specialized curriculum development and interactive immersion experiences contextualized for each unique school or institution, students are ultimately provided with a real world connection between their studies and mission in life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Veritas Institute (formerly Veritas Learning) also offers educational coaching and college consulting to help students fulfill their full potential academically and in life. While many contemporary educational paradigms define academic success solely as good grades and high SAT scores, Veritas’ educational philosophy goes further by connecting academic achievement to one’s future vocation or (“calling”). We recognize that in order for a student to succeed, he or she must have a vision of their ultimate goal.

At Veritas, we believe in the extraordinary value of an education paired with purpose!

*A recent Gallup poll finds strong connection between scholastic success and future goals.